Where to kitesurf in Sardinia: 2022 guide

I migliori kite spot in Sardegna

Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to spend a kitesurfing holiday in Europe.

The island has a strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea and good connections with the main ports and airports. In addition is in fact a still virgin land, characterized by an uncontaminated nature of extraordinary beauty, a very ancient culture with millenary traditions still alive and finally a healthy and genuine cuisine.

All these characteristics go very well with those who generally organize kitesurfing holidays. The search for contact with nature, a healthy and sporty lifestyle are in fact an integral part of lovers of this sport who in Sardinia find a magical combination of all these elements.

Obviously there is no lack of wind, it is a very windy island and there are many kitesurf spots in Sardinia that offer truly unmissable conditions for every level of rider.

Last but not least I would talk about the color of the Sardinian seas, crystal clear waters, sandy bottoms and spectacular waves will be the protagonists of your stay and will remain etched in your memory for a long time, giving rise to the desire to return to these places as soon as possible.

The excellent weather and sea conditions and the mild temperatures throughout the year have meant that more and more enthusiasts began to visit the island as a destination for their kitesurfing trips and over the years many kitesurf schools were born  in Sardinia offering kitesurfing courses  for all levels as well as additional services such as kitesurf rental in Sardinia.

For all of those who are thinking of taking part in their first kitesurf course in Sardinia we remember how extremely important it is to turn to real experts in the sector. The world of kitesurfing is constantly evolving and only qualified personnel and certified instructors are continuously updated on the best teaching and safety techniques. 

By visiting this link we invite you to visit our page dedicated to kitesurf courses in Punta Trettu, the offer is varied, of high quality and the team that will follow you, certainly one of the best in all of Italy, will be able to make you autonomous kiters quickly and in complete safety.

But here we are at the list of the best kitesurfing spots in Sardinia. For a better and easier reading we will start mentioning the kitesurfing beaches in Sardinia starting from the North East of the island and continuing clockwise.


Porto Pollo Kitesurf – Kitesurf Isola dei Gabbiani:

We started with this kite spot as it is historically one of the most famous on the island and also the first stop if we arrive by ferry at the port of Olbia or Golfo Aranci in search of kitesurf spots in Northern Sardinia.

The kite spot of Porto Pollo was born to host activities related to windsurfing and only in recent years it also developed to offer services to sailing sports enthusiasts including kitesurfers. There are many kite schools in Porto Pollo that take advantage of the strong winds from the North West that channel between Corsica and Sardinia and make this spot one of the windiest on the island.

Predominant is therefore the Mistral which blows throughout the year, with greater intensity during the periods of autumn and winter with peaks exceeding 70 knots.

On the other hand, days with wind from east north east are rarer. The Porto Pollo beach is undoubtedly one of the best equipped kite spots in Sardinia with numerous services for tourists as it is located in a part of the island that is highly developed around the tourism economy. We must also say that over the years its appeal has dropped as the winds are often extremely gusty and during the high season the space in the water is practically disappearing due to numerous kitesurfing schools and independent riders who gather in the stretch of beach authorized for kitesurfing.

La Caletta Kitesurf

South of Olbia we find the kitesurf spot La Caletta. 

Recently this kite spot in Sardinia is making a good name for itself thanks to the very clean beach, crystal clear water and good wind. 

Kitesurfing at La Caletta is done with winds from the eastern quadrant, particularly in the period from late spring to late summer, the south-east wind is amplified by a good thermal. 

In La Caletta Kitesurf spot you can find kitesurf schools with rental services, assistance and teaching.

Kitesurf Villasimius 

Continuing our journey south we find Villasimius. Many people ask us how it is to practice kitesurfing in this area. 

Unfortunately, despite being a popular tourist destination there are not many services to kitesurfing. During the summer season in particular, it becomes quite difficult if not impossible to get out of the beaches of Campolongu and Simius if not with a lift service taking advantage of the winds from the south west and south. The situation is different out of the summer season, the best period to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the beautiful nature of this kite spot in Sardinia.

Kitesurf a Cagliari 

Cagliari, besides being a beautiful city that we warmly invite you to visit during your kitesurfing holiday in Sardinia, hosts several locations where you can kite. 

Kitesurfing at Poetto, the main beach of the city of Cagliari, is possible in the months outside the summer season as the presence of many swimmers and the absence of dedicated launch corridors make the exit from the beach not possible. 

A little further west, the kite spot Petrol Beach instead, offers a kitesurfing launch area managed by friends who also run the only kite school in Petrol Beach, please contact us for their contacts. You can kite at Petrol Beach taking advantage of the beautiful thermal wind from the southwest that in the warmest days can reach very interesting intensity and give you beautiful sessions.

Kitesurf Chia

Chia is a beautiful place characterized by wide white beaches and sandy bottoms that give unique colors to the waters of the bay.

Definitely one of the most fascinating kite spot in Sardinia, the nature is beautiful and the atmosphere is light and relaxing. 

You can Kitesurf in Chia throughout the year. The predominant winds are the south east and north west. During the summer, the kitesurf school in Chia offers lift service to practice away from swimmers while out of season you can go directly from the beach. 

Chia is also a kitesurf spot in South Sardinia suitable for wave riding. In fact, there are beautiful days of wave with wind side/side-on that will make you get out of the water with a big smile. 

Porto Pino Kitesurf

Kitesurfing in Porto Pino is a unique experience. The spacious bay, where white dunes surround a turquoise sea works with mistral and sirocco winds (side off). Unfortunately at the moment we don’t know if the kite area in Porto Pino is still open for the next season but if you are interested in going, the attempt is definitely worth it. The only flaw is the wind a little bit gusty because of the presence of high sand dunes upwind that make it not very constant especially below the shore.

Kitesurf Porto Botte

A few kilometers after Porto Pino, continuing our journey to discover the best kite spots in Sardinia, we find the spot of Porto Botte.

Beautiful conditions of flat water and very constant wind with northwest direction make this spot one of the best in Sardinia for the practice of freestyle kitesurfing

Some kitesurf schools in Porto Botte offer good services to practitioners, we definitely suggest a visit as this spot for consistency and quality of wind is definitely in the top 5 kite spots in Sardinia.

Kitesurf Punta Trettu

Here we are finally at our home spot, Punta Trettu. We decided to open ProKite Sardegna, kitesurf school and center in Punta Trettu, just because we believe that it is really the best kite spot in Sardinia

Easily accessible by car, has a large parking lot where you can also stay in a camper. We are in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, precisely in Matzaccara.

Punta Trettu is a place that seems born on purpose to host the activities related to sailing sports, especially kitesurfing. A 700 meters long strip of sand that plunges into the lagoon of Sant’Antioco and that offers flat water conditions and low and sandy bottoms for a radius of more than 1 km around the end of the Punta. 

Our kite school in Punta Trettu is located directly in front of its characteristic small port, in a private area where you can relax after the many sessions that are almost never lacking here. 

The Mistral wind blow strong throughout the year and is made even more intense by the Venturi effect that grows between the island of Sant’Antioco and the mainland.

It seems unbelievable but at Punta Trettu you can kite even with all the winds of the south quadrant, this spot is in fact the only one in south west Sardinia to give optimal conditions of stady wind even with the south east, which is the second wind for number of days after the Mistral. 

Kitesurfing courses Punta Trettu are carried out in extreme safety thanks to the total absence of obstacles and the shallow waters that make the student feel more comfortable and allow a faster but absolutely safe learning. 

During the season, there is also an assistance and rescue service for kiters managed by the kite schools in Punta Trettu and exclusively dedicated to this purpose with the help of a rescue boat equipped with all the necessary rescue devices and ready to take action at any time.

For more information about kitesurfing courses in Punta Trettu and all the other activities available on site, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you all the necessary information.

Kitesurf Funtanamare

A few kilometers from Punta Trettu, towards the north, we find a beautiful and wide bay that extends from south to north. The initial part of the beach to the south is called Porto Paglia, where it will be possible to practice wave surfing and enjoy the spectacular landscape and the panoramic view of the famous Pan di Zucchero and the cliffs of Masua. For kitesurf fans instead, we have to move to the north end of the bay called Funtanamare, a kite spot in Sardinia where we will find fewer swimmers and where the northwest winds are more stable. The direction will be side on, with often discrete waves that will make you have a lot of fun. Recommended period from mid-September to mid-June. 

Kitesurf Oristano

If you are in the wild west of the island and you are looking for kitesurf spots in Oristano, now we will point out the best ones. 

To begin, the spot Kitesurf Torre Grande, a wide sandy bay with several services and a kite school. The predominant wind is the north-west that blows up to 20/25 knots and can be amplified by a thermal in the summer and spring months. Less frequent but still feasible are instead the days from the south east. 

On the beach you will find several services for tourists including a kitesurfing school ready to give you all the necessary information on the kite spot of Torre Grande

Also nearby you can go kite in the pond of Mistras, flat and shallow water, ideal for freestyle. 

For lovers of kite wave instead, the west coast offers several opportunities. 

Perhaps one of the most famous wave spots in Sardinia and the Mediterranean is Capo Mannu. 

You can try to find the right wave conditions only after a few days of strong northwest winds. The level required to go in the water safely is quite high, the waves are very powerful and there are no sandy beaches from which you can go out but once inside you can really breathe the power of the sea. 

If we want to try to get out in less radical conditions, we can try the mini capo, with steep waves but smaller in size. 

Kitesurf Valledoria

The kitesurf spot of Valledoria is located on the northwest coast of the island. 

It’s a very particular kitesurf spot in Sardinia, in fact we are in front of the mouth of the river Coghinas that a few meters from the sea creates a lagoon of not very large size characterized by super flat water where you can practice freestyle kitesurf. 

Overcoming the strip of sand that separates the lagoon from the sea, however, we can find fairly formed wave conditions and give space to our desire to wave and jump on kicker. 

Mostly the spot works with the Libeccio and the Maestrale, but also the days of Ponente are very positive. 

If you are in the vicinity, Valledoria kite spot is definitely worth a visit, considering the fact that the parking lot is only a kite jump far away.

Badesi Kitesurf

The kitesurf spot Badesi is located very close to Valledoria. 

It is a white beach about 5 km long, with very clean water and optimal wind conditions. 

From April to October the predominant winds are mistral, west, libeccio and east. 

We visited the spot with north-west wind and we can say that the conditions were really pleasant but we know that it is a very good spot also with other wind directions. 

During the warm months there is also a good thermal component that can push winds over 20 knots. 

There are kitesurfing schools on the spot of Badesi where you can ask for all the necessary information.

We arrived at the end of our journey to discover the most famous and best kitesurf spots in Sardinia

What we can say with certainty is that the island is definitely worth a visit and then it’s up to you to decide how to organize your kitesurfing vacation according to the itinerary chosen, certain that in any case you will have fantastic kite spots to visit that will give you unique emotions. 

Generally speaking, kitesurfing in the north of Sardinia takes place in places usually more touristy and crowded, while kitesurfing in the south of Sardinia is definitely wilder as it is located in an area of the island more uncontaminated but that over the years is growing a lot in water sports thanks to optimal conditions and competitive prices. 

We suggest you, however, in case you want to take kitesurfing lessons in Sardinia to rely on a recognized kitesurf school and certified instructors. 

Kitesurfing, even if it is an activity suitable for everyone, is not a sport in which you can improvise and being in the wrong hands can be dangerous. 

The team of Prokite Sardinia, kite school in Punta Trettu is available if you decide to organize your kite vacation in Sardinia to offer kite courses in Punta Trettu and give you an unforgettable experience. 


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