A day with no wind it's not a wasted day!

Other Activities

A windless day during your holiday?
Do not worry, there's always something interesting to do!

Stand Up Paddle / SUP Lessons

The Stand Up Paddle (also called SUP) is the meeting point between the Surf and the Canoe; from the surf it takes the characteristic to flow on the water standing on a board and to be able to ride the waves, from the canoe inherits the paddle, with which we paddle standing on our feet.
It is a sport accessible to all and easy to learn, pleasant and relaxing, able to immediately give great emotions and, at the same time, guarantees a complete physical activity in contact with nature, whether it is practiced in flat water (cruising), whether it is practiced in the waves (surfing).
One of the most interesting aspects of the SUP is definitely the excursion, the SUP Touring, to the continuous discovery and exploration of the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of our coasts, with a totally ecological means, in a state of pure relaxation ... a new experience that gives strong emotions!

It is possible to follow THREE TOURS in the surroundings of Punta Trettu: Maladroxia, Porto Pino, Masua - Pan di Zucchero.
We collaborate with the company called:Tutt'in SUP.On their website are shown all the images about each itinerary proposed by them.


Surf / Surf Lessons

The south west of Sardinia is renowned throughout Italy for the excellent conditions that offers to the lovers of this sport.On windless days, we organize camps and surf lessons in the best beaches near Punta Trettu.You will have the opportunity to take lessons with a certified surf instructor or to rent a board to have fun and surf indipendently.

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We collaborate with the Coral Reef Diving center in Sant'Antioco to give our customers the chance to take part in courses and guided dives to discover the most famous diving sites in South Sardinia.
Moreover, the Diving offers you the possibility to immerse yourself in the blue along with the "precious" red tuna that for centuries, in the period that goes from April to June, "pass" for our depths. If you are lucky you will meet some dolphins (from the family of the tursiopi or stenelle), who jump here and there and maybe, to spot some turtle (careta-careta of the Mediterranean) or to have a close encounter with the giant manta ray, sometimes it happened during the tonnara period.

Sailing excursions / Sailing lessons

Thanks to our collaboration with Sardinia Sailing, it will be possible to organize daily excursions on sailing boats that offer the opportunity to get in touch with the sailing world and to socialize with the life on board or simply to enjoy the navigation, the landscapes and the kitchen on board.
The basic itinerary concerns part of the Island of San Pietro and part of the island of Sant'Antioco, but can change according to the weather.
There are stops to swim and (weather permitting) short visits by boat inside some caves in the islands.
With favorable wind we will sail, where the only perceivable noise will be that of the murmur of the sea on the hull.
The expert hands of our chef will amaze you with the local delights of our sea and our land. It is a relaxing trip, for all ages, during which you will see enchanting and suggestive places.

During the period of low season or when the weather is not the best, the excursion can be oriented to the learning of some simple nautical notion and the naturalistic and archaeological aspect of the area with a possible stop for a short visit and shopping at the famous Carloforte.A whole new way to discover and learn about Sulcis Iglesiente!

Horse rides / Riding lessons

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Just 3 minutes from our center, we find one of the most famous stables in the area.Single or group excursions are organized following marvelous paths and visiting the most wild and evocative places of the territory.It will also be possible to take riding lessons followed by a highly qualified instructor.