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At Prokite Sardinia we have studied a kitesurfing course adapted to the needs of the youngest.

From the choice of the best weather conditions for their learning, the use of equipment adapted to their weight and stature to a redesigned teaching to put at ease the young student and allow them to learn this discipline in complete safety.

Our kitesurfing lessons are made only by certified instructors with multiple years of experience, and all students will wear a radio helmet in order to be constantly in touch with the instructor and receive real-time indications.

All the equipment necessary to attend the kite course is provided by out kite school.

Kids Course Summary

Private course

  • Duration: 6 hours / 8 hours
  • Price: € 300.00 / € 380.00 
  • Experience required: None
  • Equipment provided by the kite school
  • Photo & Video service under request

Single lessons

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: € 50. 00
  • Experience required: None
  • Equipment provided by the kite school
  • Photo & Video service under request

    What is the ideal equipment for teaching a child?

    Children should not learn by following the same steps as an adult course that includes using kites that generate a lot of power. This is why our team will adapt the chosen equipment, starting from the use of small kites that will generate much less traction and will always put the child at ease, choosing harnesses measures suited to their size and allowing them to discover the first traction of the kite in a completely safe environment far from other practitioners (that could
    represent a danger), the kites used by us will allow a 100% de-powering as soon as the bar is left, using short lines, the flight window of the kite will be reduced and reducing consequently also the strenght of the kite. We will use big boards to facilitate the first waterstarts without having to use a larger sails.

    What are the characteristics of a kitesurfing course for kids?

    After choosing a suitable spot, that is free from obstacles and dangers, after choosing optimal weather conditions for learning and after having prepared the appropriate equipment, we must also take into account that the very young require to follow a specific pedagogy.

    It will be harder for a child to maintain a high level of attention over a long period of time than an adult. Precisely for this reason the lessons for children are organized in modules of maximum 1 hour and a half each interspersed with some moments of leisure in which review the topics treated as if it were a game.

    Also the attitude of the instructor will change according to the character of the student. Some in fact need to be spurred, others to be reassured while some need to channel their attention.

    Whenever possible, we will bring the children together in groups of two so as to make the course less heavy in terms of the required concentration, to make one learn from the mistakes of one’s partner and above all start to make them cooperate and help each other during the lesson.

    What features should have the ideal spot where to teach children?

    Surely we will choose a place without overcoming obstacles that can generate turbulence that can make the flight of the kite less stable. We will try to get away from all the practitioners on the spot to always have a space in complete safety around us and have less distracting elements for the kids.

    Also the intensity of the wind plays a fundamental role; the lessons will begin with a minimum of 8 knots up to a maximum of 18/20 knots. This will guarantee us a traction of the kite that is never excessive and always 100% controllable.

    Parents are welcome to follow their children during classes either by kiting nearby but also by actively following the lesson so that they can experience the emotions of the first kite experience with their child.

    It will also be possible to take advantage of our photo and video service during the entire duration of the course in order to capture the most exciting and entertaining moments of the course.

    The courses for children will be held at our center in the months from April to November, for any information on costs, duration and reservations do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions or concerns.

    Useful info:

    Single hours

    It’s possible to book single hours of lessons at € 50.00/ hour.

    Each hour of kitesurfing lesson is completely customized according to the student’s abilities and requests. 


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    The membership is valid for one year and includes personal insurance and all our services on the spot, for free. Services: Private relaxing area, Showers, Dressing Room, Wi-FI, Equipment washing area, Barbeque area, Private parking and more.

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