Our intermediate kite course is dedicated to all those who have achieved full independence in kitesurfing but who want to start raising their level and skills.

The intermediate kite course includes all the lessons that go from teaching changes of direction to rotations hooked in back and front.

All the lessons will be followed and carried out personally by Giacomo Barberi and the equipment necessary to attend the kite course is provided by our kite school.


  • Duration & Price: 1h/50€ , 2h/90€ , 4h/170€
  • Required Experience: Know how to keep riding upwind
  • Equipment provided by ProKite & Rental available after course
  • Photo & Video Service upon request


➤ Before entering the water and trying out what you want to learn, Giacomo will give you a first theoretical description of what you are going to do, then he will personally show you the trick several times in order to let you see the exact execution of the same and to comment on any critical points or common mistakes to avoid.

➤ Only at this point, equipped with radio helmet you can try and try again your desired trick always under the watchful eye of Giacomo who will always be in touch with you via radio and will give you instructions in real time before, during and after the execution of the trick.

➤ During the intermediate course the most common requests from the kiters are to learn: Turns, jibing, pop hooked, jumps with inversion of the kite, toeside, riding blind, backroll, frontroll, darkslide and the first hooked kiteloops.

These are just some examples of what you can learn with intermediate lessons and we guarantee that with the possibility of being followed by a professional, you will be amazed at the speed with which you will achieve the pre-set results.

At the end of your kite course, if you will want to, you will have the chance to attend single private lessons with a very competitive price, in order to perfect your kiting skills.

Each hour of lesson is totally customized on student’s requests and abilities.

ProKite Sardegna ASD offers his members the Duotone & ION Rental service. At the end of your kite course, it will be possible to rent the equipment with the authorization of your instructor, who will analyze the level your reached.

Indeed, it’s essential to be independent kiters able to grant the safety for you and for other kiters around you.

Rental Info & Pricing

Punta Trettu is located in the South-West of Sardinia and it’s the ideal place to learn kitesurfing at all levels.

Nominated between one of the best kite spots of Europe, it’s the only place in Italy where wind comes constant from every direction, water is always flat and reaches the level of the knees in 1km from the beach, and seabasses are completely sandy.

These are some of the reasons why many freestyle kitesurfing champions come in Punta Trettu to train for challenges.

Read more about Punta Trettu

In order to use our services and take part to our activities, it’s necessary to become a member at ProkiteSardegna A.S.D. The card is priced €10.00.

The membership is valid for one year and includes personal insurance and all our services on the spot, for free. Services: Private relaxing area, Showers, Dressing Room, Wi-FI, Equipment washing area, Barbeque area, Private parking and more.

N.B: Our goal is to transmit you our passion and make you become the kiter you want to be. We will not pay attention to the minute of lesson more or less, your satisfaction for us is the greatest success.

At the end of the course you will also be given a card that will indicate the skills you have acquired and which will allow you to hire at other schools or to continue taking lessons anywhere in the world starting from the level you have reached.

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